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Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation at Taylor Chiropractic Center

If you've been struggling with a debilitating injury or chronic pain condition, you may have taken all kinds of possible therapies for it into consideration, but have you ever considered electrical stimulation? It may sound like science fiction, but electrical stimulation can work wonders for a variety of painful ailments, especially when it's administered as part of a holistic healing or pain management program. Dr. Taylor, our chiropractor at Taylor Chiropractic Center in Wellington, FL, can introduce you to this remarkable technology and use it to ease discomfort, boost circulation, and improve your muscle strength.


What Is Electrical Stimulation?

As a therapeutic modality, electrical stimulation involves the use of electrodes to trigger targeted muscle contractions. Our chiropractor will tape or strap the electrodes over specific muscle groups. The electrodes then deliver tiny, painless bursts of energy to the muscles (imitating your body's own electrical impulses), causing the muscles to tense up with each burst before relaxing again. The repeated cycle of tension and relaxation offers several important benefits, including:

  • A low-impact form of muscle exercise that can help damaged or atrophied muscles to regain their former strength
  • A means of enhancing the circulation to soft tissues, which reduces swelling, eases pain, and promotes healing
  • A soothing effect that can release chronically tight muscles (and the aches and pains that typically accompany them)

Non-Invasive Relief for a Variety of Conditions

Electrical stimulation is often prescribed to aid in the treatment of such diverse problems as auto injuries, sports injuries, sciatica, upper or lower back pain, sprain injuries, muscle spasms, and chronic pain conditions like arthritis. Dr. Taylor will first evaluate your symptoms and their underlying causes to determine which treatment modalities make the most sense for your individual condition. You may then receive a combination of electrical stimulation and chiropractic adjustment, flexion/distraction treatment, and/or ultrasound therapy. These modalities all work together by restoring muscles, joints, and other components of the body to their proper state of balance.

By helping your body function more normally, we can eliminate or manage pain and other symptoms without the use of drugs or surgical intervention. The electrical stimulation technique itself is completely safe. The only shock you may experience is the shock of discovering how much better the treatment makes you feel!

Learn More from Our Wellington, FL, Chiropractor

Is electrical stimulation the answer to your acute or chronic health challenge? The easiest way to find out is by calling our Wellington, FL, chiropractor at (561) 793-5050 to schedule an initial appointment. We look forward to helping you master your pain and regain your muscle function!




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